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ARC of Taste of Darkness

Taste Of Darkness - Katie Reus

ARC generously provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review 

Rating~ 3 stars.

I love Katie Reus's other paranormal books/series and her romantic suspense so when I saw that she had written a book about a dragon shifter I jumped at the chance to read it. Who doesn't love a good shifter book especially if it's a dragon shifter. 

Drake has in hell (literally) for the past fifteen hundred years. He escapes hell and saves Lyra and Finn's daughter in the previous book in the series (which I have not read but it didn’t effect the story of this book). Drake is a dragon shifter with no memories of his life before hell. 

Victoria is the healer of the Starvos pack. She was abandoned by her family as a baby and saved by Finn. Though it isn't quite explained why her family left her. The starvos pack love Victoria and baby her sometimes. Her nature is described as a healer, a person who doesn't like inflicting pain exact opposite of Drake who is a warrior and fighter through and through. 

Upon escaping hell Drake and Victoria meet and Drake recognizes Victoria as his mate, but since he has no memory of anything not even his name, he wants to be a better man/shifter before he could mate with Victoria. Victoria was also attracted from the first time they met but since Drake was confused about so much, she decides befriend him. 

The blurb and the plot line of the book was very promising especially with the fact that it’s a friends to lovers trope. The characters also had potential. But because much of Victoria and Drake's friendship/getting to know each other was off-screen we didn’t really get to know Victoria. Connected with the fact that Drake didn't know himself, he was still trying to be human/dragon on earth, I felt that I didn’t know them. The book also left quite a few questions such as about the blade and the blue fire. Which I suppose will be answered in the sequel. 

Overall I liked the plotline but felt had the character and the plot line combined could be have been executed a bit better. I was intrigued by the supporting characters and I would love to read them so I hope they will be getting their own books. 

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1007587928