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Bitten by Vengeance

Bitten by Vengeance - Shawntelle Madison ARC provided by publisher via netgalley for an honest review

Rating~ 3 Stars. (liked it)

This is a fairly short book is about a witch Nevana and the werewolf Drew. I liked the blurb of the book hence the reason I requested it not knowing that it was part of a series.

The story follows Nevena a cursed witch when she is chosen to take on the demon in possession of a follow witch and meets a werewolf cop Drew and the rest of the characters from the previous books. Drew and Nevena get stuck together because of the curse. We see a definite connection between Nevena and Drew but it was very new and the relationship if you call it that could have been executed a bit better. I would have liked a bit more information about Drew since apart from the readers knowing that Drew was a werewolf and a cop we know next to nothing about his life before the curse unlike Nevena's who comes across as warrior but at the same time we see a bit of vulnerability which made me like her. The conflict and resolution of the story was done fairly well and the story had a good plot device.

Though the story has all the makings of a paranormal romance book it actually felt more like a urban fantasy Liked it since the romance part of the book lacked a bit because of it being a short book and the fact that they met about 2 days ago and we get more information from Nevena's point of view and her being a enforcer. When I requested the book I didn't know that it was part of a series that's my fault and hence I didn't know what had happened to Hadley or what the witches had done. Though it could be read as a standalone but I think reading previous books would helped understand why the werewolves hated witches and why they wanted to enslave them, I would enjoyed the book more.

Minor quibbles; Though we get a chapter at end which could be read as an epilogue with main characters of other books appearing since this is the last book in the series. I would have liked an actual epilogue that focused more on the couple in the book that with some of answere to questions left unanswered such as nevena being a hemophiliac as she said before she didn't know if would live long and why her blood was of such importance to the demon.

Overall: It was a enjoyable read that did not take much time to finish.