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Shield of Winter

Shield of Winter - Nalini Singh The day i read this book I was seriously like

and ever since Kaleb, Aden and Vasic made an appearance in the earlier books I was like:

Anyway onto the serious review.

Rating~ 4.5 Stars.

I know as with many fans of the series we were all eagerly waiting for Vasic's book to be released (ever since he said he was tired, and seemed suicidal and some of us were greatly disappointed that he wasn't going to end up with Aden). SoW is mainly about Vasic an arrow and Ivy an empath psy, but we see alot of our favorite changeling packs and Psy's world where we see the impact of what happened in the last book.

While I did love Vasic and Ivy's story it was different than other other Psy books like for e.g. Judd and Kaleb's. In those books we saw Judd and Kaleb kind of learning about emotions and understanding them but at the same time they were very much still in silence in the way they interacted with others apart from their heroines. Vasic is different in that aspect though he did not quite understand emotions like hope but he had someone who kept him from feeling lonely, his friendship with Aden which saved him from a difficult childhood and later with the morality of what they were doing for their race. To me it felt like Vasic and Ivy's relationship came about very easy and without much conflict. It could be because the end of silence or just because they both could feel without any restraints, especially with all the understanding and emotional backbone that Ivy had. Their falling in love was sweet and cute.

I really loved all the scenes that showed the previous characters since it showed what they had been up to and their meetings were all constructed very well to include the overall arc of the series and its effects.

In the end, this was a great read and I can't wait for the next book in the series (Aden's).

I FINISHED IT ! Review coming soon.

Before the release:

THE BLURB IS UP !!!! Jumping up and down yay !!. Such a long wait boo !! Its Vasic's book YAY !!