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I love reading romance books (can't get enough of them) any sub genre of romance PNR/UF, RS , YA and NA. Most of my free time is spend reading because I view it as a hobby and entertainment.

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Love Irresistibly

Love Irresistibly - Julie James Julie I love you I seriously do :) Ever since I read the first FBI/US Attorney book [b:Something About You|6642402|Something About You (FBI / US Attorney, #1)|Julie James|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327933063s/6642402.jpg|6836876] I have fallen in love with your books and your characters. And like the rest of your books this one was a winner as well. This story made me *sigh dreamily* all through the book. I for one cannot wait for your next book.

This story is about Cade Morgan and Brooke Parker. They have both recently been dumped because according to Cade's ex he was 'emotionally unavailable' and because Brooke's hot OB didn't see her as a big picture girl. Anyhoo moving on they meet as you know from the blurb because the FBI needs help with planting a bug in one of Sterling's restaurants. At first they both don't like each other but are attracted to each other. So they start of keeping things causal as they both don't want to be in a relationship and then they start to fall for each other. This book is everything you expect Julie's books to be funny, romantic and emotional. I also loved getting bits and pieces about the former characters lives.