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I love reading romance books (can't get enough of them) any sub genre of romance PNR/UF, RS , YA and NA. Most of my free time is spend reading because I view it as a hobby and entertainment.

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Heart Fortune

Heart Fortune - Robin D. Owens Rating~ 3.75
This one was better than the last one but like the first few that were excellent. I felt that only glyssa was invested in their relationship and jace wasnt. The ending also felt a bit rushed, i would liked that if after they escaped the ship, during the time they were healing to be written it would allowed us to see jace and glyssa grow close together beacuse it seemed to me that glyssa went from being really hurt to completely forgotten and forgiven him about that when she went to rescue him. He didnt even say sorry or anything which i disliked. I felt that it could have been alot better. It wasn't the best book in the series but overall it was okay/good.