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City of Bones

City of Bones  - Cassandra Clare Rating~ 2.5 stars

I read infernal devices book 1, clockwork angel when i was 15 and i thought what an awsome book, I really loved it. I wanted to read mortal instruments but I didnt (i wanted to finish the infernal devices first) The next book of which wasnt going to come out for two years so i forgot about it. Also after finding that this series also had a triangle thing of jace, carly and simon.I decided not to read them then.
Cut to years later my friend talked about it and i remembered, so before we went to cinema to see the movie i decided to read the book. I had these really big expectations and they all fell flat. I really wanted to love this book and that i didnt also annoyed me.
Here's my rant. Though i did like the world that it was set in, that at least was interesting.The plot, it didnt really have one, if it was save her mother from the start then i surely did not see that. It took them 50 pages to save simon who had gotten himself turned into a rat. Then the characters:
Carly as the heroine I didnt like, it was like she didnt know what she was feeling, one moment she is getting jealous over the fact the simon is looking at isabelle like a love struck loon, the other moment she completely forgets about him, then few hours later she is kissing Jace and says sorry to simon for kissing Jace as she forgot that he was in her room. She was selfish and what is up with her hating every girl.
Simon was in the friend-zone and really if he was that much in love with Carly then why was he chasing after isabelle. He also just forgave Carly the next day/morning when the night before he says she broke his heart. I mean come on people, i get that its fiction but come on.
Jace his character was the usuall hero a jerk, like the girl, super badass. I liked him okay till near the end then i was like what the hell, you just dont do a 360 turn in your character. He knew what Valentine had done and what he was planning to do yet he was like 'carly its a misunderstanding' what is the misunderstanding? he isnt evil, he didnt fake his own death in front of you??
I just felt that the characters were really blind, Alec was in love with Jace who saw Alec as a brother, Simon was in love with Carly who only saw him as a friend. Carly never felt that it was werid how her mother acted. Also how you not know that carly and jace are not related, you are really going to believe the evil guy when he says your his son (this is not star wars).
Also how come Isabelle just went from hating Carly and her hating Isabelle to it being them friends at the end, Alec also been okay with Carly when before he said you should leave just the night before. furthermore Jace and Carly what now that they found out that they are siblings it wasn't going to be a least bit awkward that they kissed, or might be in love, they just went off riding on the motorbike into the sunset.