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I love reading romance books (can't get enough of them) any sub genre of romance PNR/UF, RS , YA and NA. Most of my free time is spend reading because I view it as a hobby and entertainment.

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My Wicked Enemy

My Wicked Enemy - Carolyn Jewel I stopped reading after harsh walks in on Carson and nikodemius doing it until then I was continuing because i wanted to finish this book I don't like not finishing books but then that scene weirded me out and made me realize that this book includes a menage a trois which isn't what I read. The book should say it's,an erotica or something I hadn't read the reviews before I stopped so I had no clue. At the start I felt the character felt really numb but I was attributing that fact to her having migraines and dying so I don't know if that continues on later in book. Also from what I read homogenous didn't seem like the guy who was going to be okay with Carson being with someone else but to find that later on it is IS -_- and him having control over her is also creepy, to quote from the book he says "you'll be my creature afterwards" and that's not weird at all even if it does to keep her alive the fact he has literally control over her actions didn't sit well with me. But to each it's own, every reader has a different take and opinion about the book they read and some people have really liked it so if anyone wanted to try it they should give a try.