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I love reading romance books (can't get enough of them) any sub genre of romance PNR/UF, RS , YA and NA. Most of my free time is spend reading because I view it as a hobby and entertainment.

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Rating~3.5 stars.

This is the kind of book you want to read when your traveling, on holiday or really need a break from all the angsty and emotional roller coaster books. Even though the blurb makes it sound like there will be alot of angst with regards to Laine being in love with her sisters boyfriend and Kyle's best friend (Brad), this is not the case. 

Its a funny and light hearted read about Laine (a lwayer) who has low self esteem and confidence in everyday life while having great confidence and proud of the work she does and Kyle (a journalist) who is a manwhore when we are first introduced to him but later we learn the reasons why (which always makes sense to the guy in the book 

That his father was a cheater and so he would be one too so he doesnt want to get too close

(show spoiler)

but really it doesnt) Moving on Kyle and Laine meet on a setup date by Brad and later on become best friends and lovers. There are some hilarious moments and some that make you go 'Awwww'. 

The only hiccup i had was i did not really understand why Laine was being submissive to her family but god they were spiteful and treated Laine in a behavior not unlike you would to a unwanted animal when she hadnt done anything wrong, if anything they should be nicer to her because it wasnt her fault that her mother was a gold digger and wanted to marry a rich guy, Laine father

who turned out to be a serial rapist  

(show spoiler)

why would Laine even want them to a be part of her life was beyond me. Nevertheless the book leaves you with a huge simile and a happy sigh.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/997137815?book_show_action=false