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Shifter's gotta love 'em

On the Growl: A Shifter Romance Anthology - Lynn Red, Celia Kyle, Jessica Sims, Flora Dare, Marina Maddix

A copy of the book was generously provided by the Celia Kyle in exchange for an honest review.


On the growl is an anthology featuring five books about many different kinds of shifters:


Bear your teeth by Lynn Red

Rating~ 3 stars.

Shifters in the novella: Rabbit and bear

This novella is about Paprika (a rabbit shifter) and Thor (a bear shifter and the dentist of the town). Paprika has problems with her teeth, the rabbit teeth that she has as a shifter come out when she sleeps and they won’t go back in. This problem causes her to visits her dentist a lot and now she has a huge crush on Thor. I really liked the start of the book I thought it was going to be really funny but soon the book just become weird and bizarre with the whole Jamesburg thing and the way that Paprika and Thor both would decide to be together and the next you know they are freaking out about it. I found that behaviour slightly annoying.


To Screech their Own by Marina Maddix

Rating~4.25 stars.

Shifters in the novella: A tabby and an eagle.

The book Is set on a resort island for shifters called Haven. Katie (the tabby shifter) is an activities coordinator at the resort and Arnaud is a lawyer (the eagle shifter) who’s mate died a couple of years after which he become a workaholic, he is a guest at the Haven. Katie really wants Arnaud but the Haven has a strict policy against fraternizing with the guests. How will they end up together ? Well you will have to read it to find out. I think this was a really cute, sweet story and for Arnaud a second chance at happiness & love.


 Tiger by the tail by Jessica Sims

Rating~ 4.5 stars.

Shifters in the novella: Were-tigers.

Mandy’s whole life turned upside down when her date bites her making her a were-tiger. She then gets moved to Alaska with the said date by the Alpha who doesn’t know that Mandy did not consent to become a were-tiger. Suddenly all the decisions were getting made for her and she just wants to be normal again. So when the beta of the pack Adrian offers her a bet that would leave to her getting back to her life she takes it. I really liked Mandy and Adrian together. Adrian was a dominant but he understood Mandy and let her make her own decisions. The novella was sweet and sexy.  I really enjoyed this one and I will definitely read more of Jessica’s book.


Waking up were by Celia Kyle:

Rating~ 4 stars.

Shifters in the novella: Werewolves

Brenna Davis is a newly bitten human who did not know about shifters before and Declan Ross the alpha of the Swan mountain pack. Declan is also Brenna’s boss (she’s an accountant) and Brenna has been lusting after him for quite a while now. After getting bitten Brenna comes to her best friend (a Vet) for help who is also a shifter gets really happy about it and tells her about werewolves alas Brenna thinks her best friend and everyone else has lost their minds until that is Declan sweeps in. This novella has Celia’s usual sense of humour (which I really like) and is filled with sexy times making it a great read.


Please note I did not read Bears repeating from Flora Dare simply because I do not read ménages.


The stories are all unique and fun to read. I would recommend them to anyone who loves shifter stories. These are short stories so it takes no time at all to read them. Happy reading!



Source: http://www.afortressofbooks.com/2014/10/13/review-on-the-growl-anthology