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Review: Out of Control by Alexandra Ivy.

Out of Control (The Sentinels) - Alexandra Ivy

ARC generously provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

Rating~ 3 stars.

This book is the prequel to the book series Sentinels by Alexandra Ivy. I am a fan of her Guardians of Eternity series and have really enjoyed following that series. This series though completely different shows promise to be good.

The book introduces us to a very fascinating world where there are freaks (high-blood), necromancers, psychics, witches who live mostly in Valhala and their differences are due to genetic mutations.These differences have given them different powers of varying degrees.

The prequel is about Dr Anegla Locke, a brilliant young genetic scientist and Niko a sentinel on a mission. Niko's mission involves him posing as a professor to get close to Angela who is in sights of a psychopath sentinel. They are both attracted to each other from the moment they meet. I liked them together, Niko was very much an alpha male but Angela held her own.

Quibbles: I would liked a bit more Niko and Anegla's meetings as flashbacks or memories and Angela's back story which was quite limited in the book. I do think it is quite hard to keep a balance when starting a new book in relation to the setting/ back story, just giving enough information to tantalize the audience without giving away too much. And in the case of this book the backstory took a second role to the overall plot. I would liked a bit more information about the sentinels and the Valhala because it felt quite a few unanswered questions about how it all came to be. Though I am not complaining about the book being more focused on the protagonists.

I enjoyed this book.There isn't much else to say since the book is quite short without giving away everything. Overall I think this book was a interesting start to a new series by Miss Ivy and I'm looking forward to reading more from it.

Source: http://www.afortressofbooks.com/2014/10/09/review-out-of-control-by-alexandra-ivy